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Wind Ensemble

Grade 1

Reign of the Hawks, Grade 1.5, Sakari Dixon Vanderveer.

Grade 2

After Further Review, 3:00, Joseph Sowa.

Upper Stillwater Dam, 2:10, Michael Paul Mitchell.

Grade 3

Masque of the Red Death, Horn Octet, 4:45, Michael Paul Mitchell.

The Monk's Turned Topsy-Turvy, Grade 3.5, 3:30, Lori Sutherland.

The Monk's Turned Topsy-Turvy, Clarinet Choir, Grade 3.5, 3:30, Lori Sutherland.

Perilous Times, 2:45, Michael Paul Mitchell.

Proclamation, Grade 3.5, 2:30, Lori Sutherland.

Painless Parker's GIANT Bucket of Teeth, Grade 3.5, 2:20, Samantha Hogan.

With Joyful Abandon, Grade 3.5, 5:15, Lori Sutherland.

Reverence, Grade 3.5, 6:00, Samantha Hogan

Grade 4

The Beating Heart of Dawn, Grade 4.5, 7:30, Joseph Sowa.

Grade 5

Of Wizards and Dragons, 8:00, Samantha Hogan


Grade 1

Little Mountain Pastorale, String Orchestra, Grade 1.5, Sakari Dixon Vanderveer.

In This Watershed Moment, Multi-level Viola Ensemble, Grade 1.5+, Sakari Dixon Vanderveer.

Grade 2

Space Invaders!, String Orchestra, 2:30, Joseph Sowa.

Enigma of the Twilight Stallion, Multi-level String Orchestra, Grade 0.5-2, 2:30, Sakari Dixon Vanderveer.

Grade 3

Citronella SunsetsString Orchestra, 2:45, Sakari Dixon Vanderveer.

Nana's Waltz, String Orchestra, 3:00, Joseph Sowa.

Grade 4

Aspen Song, String Orchestra and Harp, 5:00, Joseph Sowa.

Eclectic Images, String Orchestra, Grade 4.5-5, 16:00, Samantha Hogan.

Of Tattered Threads and Recollections, Chamber Orchestra, 7:45, Sakari Dixon Vanderveer.

Grade 5

Small Ensembles

Grade 5

Phoenix, Grade 5, 12:00, Joseph Sowa.

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